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    A film about how a Music Scene spanning 3 Provinces came together with the use of the Internet before the rise of Social Media.

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    We are in the early stages of Planning and Collecting old Footage, if you have any from the years between the 90's and 2000's please Contact us.

More About Us

Teaser Trailer.

The Film is in very early development, with a target release of late 2020.

Who Are We?

Three friends who have worked in Film in one way or another for years, with a passion for music, entertainment and storytelling.

Our Mission.

To tell the story of the Maritime Metal Scene from the 90's into the 2000's. Focusing on the pre-Social Media days.

Our Approach.

A mix of interviews and historical footage merged together with narrated story telling.

Our Goal.

To tell a compelling story that not only the Maritime Metal Scene will enjoy, but for everyone no matter their musical preference.

Your Participation.

We will need all your help in supplying video footage, photos or anything related to the Scene from the 90's to the 2000's. Please Contact us if you're ready and willing to take part.

Meet Our Team.

Billy Stever


Billy a.k.a Necromaster spent most of the 2000's promoting Bands and Shows in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, running an Indie Metal label called The UnderGrowth, helped run the Maritime Metal website, and designing Poster/Album artwork before moving to Montreal in 2007.

Dan Crowder

Assistant Producer/Editor

Dan a.k.a Pappasquat has a degree in Broadcasting and has worked in all aspects of Film from Production Management to Assistant Directing, from videography to Video Editing. Although he was not part of the Maritime Metal Scene, he is an avid music lover and musician.

Jeff Mahfoud

Assistant Producer/Editor

Jeff aka DjGlutton has a degree in Communications. He was an active member of the Maritime Metal Scene in the 2000's before moving to Montreal. A musician himself, he has created music videos for Metal Bands and currently produces adult entertainment for the one of the largest providers in the world.

The Scene


You have all been there from the start. Without you there would not be a Metal Scene. The Bands, The Fans, The Promoters and Supporters. We cannot make this film without you. Your help contributing content, will make this film the best it can be. \m/

Get In Touch With Us.

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Do you have Live Footage, Party Footage, Photos, Posters etc... from between 90's and 2000's? Send us a message, we will arrange shipping to send us what you have and ship it back to you once we digitize it. You will also get a special thanks in the Credits of the Film for Contributing Content.